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Introducing the latest 2019 headliners...

Speaking in the main festival tent on a range of current, disruptive and futuristic topics, cutting-edge headline acts bring radical thinking and new ideas about the workplace. You will get to see all of the Headline Acts in the main festival tent.

Jamala OsmanJamala Osman

Jamala Osman is a 24-year-old social entrepreneur and former Bank Manager at Barclays UK. She was one of the youngest ever bank managers in the country and was tasked with running her first branch at the age of 21.

After a tough start in life Jamala eventually took back control and was compelled to make a change. The dramatic turnaround in her life has inspired her to create pathways and programmes for other individuals struggling with their starts in life and works with educational institutions and corporations to help break down barriers.

Dave Cornthwaite – ‘The Yes Man’Dave Cornthwaite

Dave has a habit of doing things differently. As a record-breaking adventurer he is best known for Expedition1000, an ongoing mission to take on twenty-five different non-motorised journeys, each over 1000 miles in distance. He’s completed fourteen, so far.

His uniquely entertaining and motivational keynote presentations have been enjoyed on six continents and his passionate advocacy of the word YES has contributed to the sprouting of countless adventures worldwide, big and small.

If his enthusiasm for simple living, the power of adventure for good and the glorious pursuit of enjoying Mondays isn’t enough to get you ready for a new challenge, nothing will.

Sam Conniff Allende – ‘Be More Pirate’Sam Conniff Allende

Sam Conniff Allende is a multi-award winning serial social entrepreneur, and co-founder and former CEO of Livity, Don’t Panic and Live Magazine. Since starting his entrepreneurial career aged 19, Sam has mentored thousands of talented young entrepreneurs and hustlers around the world. He is an advocate of ‘business as unusual’ or corporate responsibility and accountability, and a purpose-driven strategy consultant to brands such as Roald Dahl, Red Bull, Unilever and PlayStation.

His new book Be More Pirate, or How To Take On The World and Win, published by Penguin Random House is a manifesto for each of us to create the sort of Good Trouble the world needs. It’s based on the true and untold strategy and success of the Golden Age of Pirates as agents of change, leadership and social innovation. As unlikely as that sounds.

Peter Hinssen – ‘The Day After Tomorrow’Peter Hinssen

In ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, Peter talks about an exponentially changing world and its consequences for organizations of Today. He introduces those pioneers who managed to move (way) beyond Tomorrow-thinking in innovation and were able to change the course of entire industries. Above all, he talks about the business models, the organizational structures, the talent, the mindset, the technologies and the cultures needed to maximize our chances for survival in the Day After Tomorrow.

Rosie & Faris Yakob – ‘The Nomad Guide to Creativity’

Rosie and Faris started Genius Steals, a nomadic creative consultancy, five years ago, and have been traveling ever since. They work with brands (like Coca-Cola, Nestle, InterContinental Hotels) and advertising agencies all over the world, armed with only carry-on luggage and their laptops.

Faris is the former Chief Digital Officer of McCann Erickson NYC, Chief Innovation Officer of MDC Partners, and the author of Paid Attention (Kogan Page). Rosie was previously head of emerging media at Saatchi&Saatchi NYC and started her career working for Jay-Z. They collaborated on a chapter for the book Creative SuperPowers: Equip Yourself for the Age of Creativity.

At Learnfest, they will explore practical approaches to universal creativity, what ideas are and how to have better ones, and what you can learn from being a nomad that you can apply to your own life, to keep you brain brimming with inspiration.

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