Fab Flips
Simon Wheatley & Maggie Pearce

Challenges and uncertainty face us daily. But what if that challenge were flipped into an adventure?

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The Power of Purpose
Delfino Corti

What’s your purpose? Explore and define why you, your team or your organisation exist

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Being Human in a Machine World
Daniel Solomons

Say ‘no’ to Technological Determinism!

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Rising to the Challenge
Ashley Cooper

Co-create new and innovative responses to climate change

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Difference and Belonging
Qudsia Karim

Enhance and maximise the value of difference

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Building Your Organisation’s Future
Anita Byrne & Michael Durrant

Prepare to thrive in a digitally enabled world

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Steve Peters
Forensic Psychiatry, Elite Sport and You...

Psychiatrist and best-selling author Steve will help us to recognise how the mind works so that we can manage ourselves, our thoughts and emotions to become the person we would like to be.

Hamish Wilson
Leadership On The Front Line

Eye-opening insights into what it takes to lead on the front lines of war and disaster…