Using Learning Technology Effectively
Grahame Broadbelt

Separate the hype from the reality and discuss how to ensure companies apply technology effectively

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Timandra Harkness
Data, Information and Knowledge

Writer, broadcaster and Radio 4 presenter Timandra will explore our relationship with science and technology, looking at everything from Big Data and AI to robotics.

Wholehearted Leadership
Greg Bartlett & Josh Williams

Discover how to be your best, truest and most authentic version of yourself

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The Power of Purpose
Delfino Corti

What’s your purpose? Explore and define why you, your team or your organisation exist

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All Together Now
Delfino Corti

How to reach consensus to that everyone feel their ideas, insights, perspectives and wisdom have been honoured

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Wings to Thrive
Dr Jamie Barker and Jamie Gillman

Explore techniques, strategies and tactics that support us to thrive and be more resilient in everyday life

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All Systems Go!
Jo Appleby & Charlotte Cawthorne

Explore the relationship between sustainability and systems thinking

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Being Human in a Machine World
Daniel Solomons

Say ‘no’ to Technological Determinism!

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Fab Flips
Simon Wheatley & Maggie Pearce

Challenges and uncertainty face us daily. But what if that challenge were flipped into an adventure?

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Living Changerously
Dom Fitch

“Nothing will come of nothing” so let’s do something

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Mission (almost) impossible
Kate Simpson & Hamish Wilson

A practical approach to tackling humanities toughest problems

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