About Learnfest

Will you be at THE learning event of the year?

Learnfest brings together senior professionals and business leaders for three unmissable days of diverse learning experiences, inspiration, challenging points of view and unique adventures to transform performance and drive success.

Forget windowless, air-conditioned conference rooms, uncomfortable seats and death by powerpoint and instead imagine a sparkling lake and mountain backdrop, a festival tent full of imagination, yurt-based workshops and reflective campfire conversations. Learnfest is a powerful and transformative experience that is the catalyst for real, lasting and meaningful behaviour change.

How does it work?

Learnfest combines the heart and soul of a festival – a sense of community and shared experience, freedom of choice, and creativity – and blends it imaginatively with fresh, radical thinking about the workplace.

Featuring influential and inspiring Headline Acts who will dare you to think the unthinkable; a programme of developmental workshops to build and apply new skills and co-create innovative responses to big challenges; extraordinary networking experiences giving you time and space to discuss and debate, connect and reflect; and creative fringe adventures to help you find out what you’re truly capable of…all in one of the world’s most inspiring locations. Sound good?

Who is coming?

Learnfest connects you with 200 senior professionals from some of the world’s leading organisations. We welcome multi-national heads of Change, Leadership, Talent Development, Diversity & Inclusion, business leaders, as well as NGO’s and others.

Discover why Google, Sony, Nissan, Coop and Santander choose Learnfest to transform performance and drive success in their organisations.

Learnfest is brought to you by…

the lovely people at Impact!

Impact are an independent, award-winning global creative change agency. We focus on transforming the impact of leadership action in organisations. Since 1980 we have been designing customised people development solutions for organisations confronting a need to adapt, change and grow.

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