Fit for the future
Sacha Romanovitch

Leading for tomorrow’s world

The Emerging Talent Show
Jamala Osman & Sam Williams

What holds up back from displaying and encouraging our talents?

How to think the Unthinkable
Chris Langdon

Can we really think the unthinkable and do the undoable?

LEGO Playstarter
Donald Godsman, the LEGO® Group

Feel inspired and confident to incorporate play into your own role

Sustainable Innovation in Action
Richard Parker

Explore what sustainable innovation means for you

Where on Earth are we going?
Richard Parker, Karen Jaques & Giles Hutchins

The purpose paradox

The Genius Steals Team

Igniting Spontaneous Creative Collaboration

Are you agilicious?
Maggie Pearce & David Cooper

Strategies and approaches for greater leadership agility

Paper, scissors, phone
Tea Uglow - Google

Exploring the space where technology, culture and philosophy meet paper and crayons.

Spotlight on Mental Health in the Workplace
Sarah Golding & Roy White

An honest conversation…

Digital capitalism to serve humanity
Christopher Charlton-Killen & Ed Moss

Challenge your own thinking on the inherent benefit of tech disruption

Unlock the power of your groups!
Dr Jamie Barker & Dr Matt Slater

Furnishing you with the tools to transform you and your team

Can genius scorpions steal?
Rosie and Faris Yakob & Steve Chapman

A live exploration of creative collaboration

Winning in a changing world
Andy Fell

How do you set yourself up to succeed?

Decoding digital learning

People strategy for the digital age

The Future of Leadership

Discover the future of leadership, where leaders are brave enough to lead when they don’t have the answers.

The ‘XY’ Factor – Human doing to human being
Tabitha Beaven

Embrace what it means to be human at work.

No pressure
Sarah Weiler

Understand more about yourself as a leader and what may be holding you back.

Personal Storytelling
Sarah Thurstan

Storytelling is at the core of our lives from our childhood on and is embedded in our culture wherever we come from.

Finding your voice
Sarah Thurstan

This workshop will give you helpful tips to improve your presentation, both in thought and feeling.