Filma Fantasticka

A kooky alt-cabaret celebrating of all that is good in the world of film, featuring:

Dominic Berry

Multi-award winning, internationally renowned poet Dominic Berry is a huge bundle of Welsh, geeky-cheeky vegan-bouncy energy. Catch him ahead of his Glastonbury performance this year. And expect homage to Beetle Juice, Terminator 2 and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. (We won’t be playing that song….) You will love him.


The evil sponge is back. This time it’s cinematic. Darth Vadar has nothing on the brutal wit of PICO’s puppetry. ‘No, Learnfesters, I am your father.’ PICO and his crudely made special guests pay homage to Steven Spielberg and his droids.

Casino Improv

Credits role. The scene: a moon base.

Ian: Audience! What is the plot of this improvised mini-film?

Audience: Hunger Games meets Pretty Women.

Ian: Niche, but, er, ok… And who is it starring?

Audience: Cilla Black! Boris Johnson! Idris Elba!

Ian: And so, it shall be.

Casino Improv, your favourite new improv group, will enact your filmic fantasies, goriest deaths and dream casts. All we need is your amazing ideas!

Nana Funk

Some of the best things about loving movies is the soundtrack. Nana Funk is a popcorn-loving, Werther’s Original’s sucking, sweet cabaret/burlesque/songstress who has years of experience under her belt (and sometimes not much else!)