Sacha Romanovich

Sacha Romanovitch

Sacha Romanovitch became the first female leader of a major accounting firm when she was appointed CEO of Grant Thornton UK. A radical thinker and leader, her time in charge saw the organisation change towards a modern, progressive business typified by diversity, responsibility, personal development, openness and collaboration. Sacha’s leadership saw Grant Thornton embrace a culture of shared enterprise and profit with purpose. Focus on changing processes and systems encouraged greater diversity and helped created a more open, innovative and positive culture. Sacha was titled one of the world’s top 50 CEO’s, and had a 94% employee approval rating.

Drawing on her experience and research into people, change and leadership, Sacha now considers how companies can be robust, sustainable and fit for the future. She looks at how they develop new leaders, implement strategies, and can make a positive contribution to the world.