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A Change will do you Good

Margaret Ollerenshaw & Matthew Speight

We hope you’ve all heard of the co-op. But how familiar are you with their story? Over the last 5 years it’s a story of change. The co-op have significantly changed the way they do business. They’ve had to change in order to survive and now they are changing to grow their business. By getting closer to their customers, their communities and importantly closer to their colleagues, they have changed how they do business. Hear about the co-op story, discuss some of the questions they asked themselves and reflect on what this means for you and your business.

Margaret Ollerenshaw is Head of Leadership, Talent and Learning at the co-op. Margaret has gained outstanding transformational change experience, having delivered highly creative programmes to attract, retain and develop talent, significantly reduce costs and increase organisational capability through partnerships with world leading institutions. Matthew Speight is Transformation and Retail Support Centre Director at the co-op.