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All Systems Go!

Jo Appleby & Charlotte Cawthorne

Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet documentary was a huge contributor to the tsunami of awareness and action to address our obsession with plastic in our everyday societies.

Action,  it seems has taken place all over the world by all kinds of people and communities, businesses and governments.

This type of collective action across different parts of a system (a city, a society, a sector) is what we need if we are going to get anywhere close to tackling sustainability issues.

Join this workshop to:

  • Better understand a systems thinking approach
  • Explore the relationship between sustainability and systems thinking
  • Better understand how and where you or your organisation fits into this approach
  • Identify how and what you can do to influence and how you might take action

Jo Appleby is Head of Partnerships at Impact and designs projects to bring the Sustainable Development Goals to life. Charlotte Cawthorne is a Senior Consultant at Impact and is especially dedicated to increasing the productivity and effectiveness of teams tackling environmental and social issues.