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All Together Now

Delfino Corti

Have you ever been in a group where it seemed impossible to come to a decision or agreement? Have you ever experienced compromise that has left everyone feeling they had given up something important?

Explore a method* to reach consensus where everyone feel their ideas, insights, perspectives and wisdom have been honoured. It helps you to achieve a result where no one feels that they have had to give up something in order for the group to reach a decision.

We all face similar challenges when working with or in groups – from creating a shared vision or agreeing on priorities to motivating team members or co-ordinating departments with different objectives.

In this workshop you will discover a method that will enable you to:

  • generate creativity and energy quickly
  • catalyse integrated thinking (rational and intuitive)
  • infuse your team with a sense of responsibility
  • build practical team consensus

(* the method has been developed by ICA:UK, the Institute of Cultural Affairs.)

Delfino Corti is a Senior Consultant and Facilitator at Impact, blending years of management experience in international and multicultural contexts with a set of fresh skills and practices of group facilitation.