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Being Human in a Machine World

Daniel Solomons

From Alexa’s spooky laughter to the dystopian futures of Terminator and Blade Runner, there is a fear that the machines will take over and wipe out humanity.

But it needn’t be that way. We can say “no” to Technological Determinism.

Impact Associate Daniel Solomons will take you on a journey to explore the important roles of humans and humanity in a machine world. Together we’ll look at the real people that make a real difference to your business, and the ramifications for leadership and management as we build companies that thrive in a world of AI, Machine Learning, and Autonomy.

In this engaging worksop we will be:

  • Taking a measured look at the roles of AI,¬†Machine Learning¬†and Autonomy
  • Recognising the need for human skills alongside those that can be automated
  • Building companies that harness machines to service the people who are most important to our businesses

Daniel Solomons is an Impact Associate and a leader, facilitator and orchestrator of behaviour change programmes that help organisations thrive in a digital age – driving digital transformation through education.