Building Your Organisation’s Future

Anita Byrne & Michael Durrant

How do we prepare ourselves to thrive in a digitally enabled world and what steps should we be taking to help our business transform in times of disruption?

Are you even thinking about it?

Are we all confused?

What skills do we even need for the next generation?

Is there a fear of the future?

What are we doing to understand where we are heading and what we need to do to get there?

How do we help people to think beyond the norm to think about the future challenges and the opportunities this brings?


Join Anita and Michael to start to explore what some of those skills need to be and appreciate the impact of digital disruption so that you can prepare yourself and your organisation for the future.

Also hear more about Santander’s journey and experiences in developing a programme to support leadership in uncertain times.

Anita Byrne is the Senior Learning and Development Manager at Santander, skilled in Training Programme Design, Performance Improvement, HR Consulting, Banking, and Coaching. Micheal Durrant is a Learning Consultant at Santander with extensive experience in all stages of the learning cycle.