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Difference and Belonging

Qudsia Karim

An effective D&I strategy will maximise your competitive edge, it simply isn’t a matter of do’s and dont’s or D&I for the sake of D&I.

We believe everyone is different and creating belonging is key. We believe by focusing on belonging you turn the dial on diversity (or difference as we call it) and that’s when you reap the dividend difference brings. We believe that it’s only when you are open to yourself that you are open to others.

Discover the value of difference and belonging and explore ideas on how you can enhance it in this engaging, reflective, pacey session.

Join this workshop to explore how our own leadership and interventions at the systemic, organisational and individual levels can make a difference. Key takeaways include:

  • A personal reflection on how you stand on the difference and belonging spectrum.
  • Understanding of what gets in the way, eg bias, the way we are.
  • Clarity on what you can do to enhance belonging and maximise the value of difference.

Qudsia Karim is Head of Consulting at Impact and an energetic and creative facilitator of strategic business change/transformation, with a credible reputation for delivering sustainable transformation on a global basis.