Knowing When to Quit

Sarah Weiler

Quitting… We don’t want to talk about it. We feel shameful about wanting to do it. But if we don’t allow space for it to be voiced or discussed in an organisation, then employees suffer in silence until breaking point.

In recent years we’ve been forced-fed buzz words of resilience and grit, and we’ve been told that the strongest people are those who never give up: but what impact is this having on our workforce? Has quitting become such a dirty word that we are paralysed in roles and positions that no longer serve us; or worse are making us ill?

How can we set up our organisations and cultures so that there is a more honest dialogue around happiness and fulfillment at work? What can we be doing regularly to support employees to reflect on where they’re at?

In this workshop we will:

  • demystify quitting and discuss what is really going on when employees want to quit
  • consider the benefits of quitting for your team
  • share best practice for how to set up a culture where honest conversations around fulfillment take place
  • learn techniques to support you and your team members in making difficult decisions around quitting

Sarah Weiler is a coach, FaSILLYtator and ukulele-playing comedian, who recently did a TEDx called ‘Knowing When To Quit’, which this workshop is based on.