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Karen Jaques

These are times of uncertainty, complexity and accelerating pace. It’s hard for people to work out what to do differently to make a difference in the face of it all (or is it just me!?). Join us to explore why working with things as wholes and connections (i.e. more systemically) can at least stop us from repeating some of the mistakes of the past, and may help us to find radically new ways to move forward together.

Explore how more collective and systemic forms of leadership may be more suited to the times we live in.

Join this workshop to:

  • Discover some of the key principles of working systemically to change things
  • Recognise the limits of relying on single individuals to lead us forwards
  • Explore why shifting mindsets (especially your own) is a powerful tool for change
  • Recognise the power of purpose when leading in the face of the unknown

Karen Jaques is a Senior Training Consultant at Impact, bringing a systemic perspective to leadership development – by acknowledging the complex and inter-dependent nature of our organsations and challenging conventional notions about the relevance of heroic leadership in these contexts.