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Mission (almost) impossible

Kate Simpson & Hamish Wilson

Systems, change, complexity, adaptive – all buzz words that tell us we have a problem but not what to do about it. Wasafiri have worked on some of the world’s toughest problems – from climate change, to violent extremism, and the transformation of Africa’s agricultural systems – and through this we developed a practical framework that can be applied to (almost) any organisational or network level system problem. Come along and test ‘Systemcraft’ on your own tough, complex, adaptive and damn hard problems.

Join Kate and Hamish, of Wasafiri, in this fast paced and interactive workshops to:

  • gain practical insights from the front lines of international development
  • test their ‘systemcraft tool’ on your own complex organisation problems
  • take away a practical tool that just might help you work out “so what do I do next?”