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Using Learning Technology Effectively

Grahame Broadbelt

Is digital technology transforming organisational learning? This workshop will seek to separate the hype from the reality and discuss how to ensure that companies apply technology effectively to meet their learning and development challenges.
Grahame Broadbelt, Impact’s Head of R&D, will share¬†Impact’s global experience of what seems to be working well and what doesn’t work at all in designing and implementing learning technologies as part of a learning ecosystem or as core to a specific solution.
Join this engaging workshop to:
  • examine how the context for work and learning is changing, so that learning and work are increasingly merging into a single process
  • learn why context is far more important than content in designing successful digital learning experiences
  • explore how we can avoid just using computers as a projector, reader¬†or video player and understand that the more sophisticated the learning need the more sophisticated the pedagogy must become