Are you agilicious

Are you agilicious?

Maggie Pearce & David Cooper

Strategies and approaches for greater leadership agility

With the increasing pace of change and uncertainty in the world, the need for leadership agility is ever present. The challenge we face with this ambiguous request for leadership agility is that no single magic solution set exists. In actuality, we first need to demystify Leadership Agility and recognise that the solution is to deploy ourselves in new and different ways, using the skillsets and mindsets that we’ve always had.

Join this interactive workshop to:

  • Define what we should really mean by Leadership Agility
  • Develop techniques for recognising and building our own individual agiliciousness
  • Explore models and frameworks that assist in building common language and awareness for increased agility
Maggie is an experienced development consultant and Impact’s Head of Global Practice. She has a particular interest in innovative solution design, measuring return on investment, and is passionate about developing and sharing new ideas and approaches.
David has been working in the learning and development industry since 1992 and joined Impact in 2003. He has worked with a multitude of clients, spanning almost every business sector.  David has consulted on, designed, and facilitated programmes to develop individuals, teams and organisations.