The Genius Steals Team

Igniting Spontaneous Creative Collaboration

This group game is fun brain teaser of sorts, which focuses on examining the characteristics and conventions of seemingly different things to unite down the same path. It builds off themes regarding abstraction, communication, and collaboration as being key to creativity; topics covered in our Nomad’s Guide to Creativity. While there’s no required movement, it’s an energetic activity that tends to get animated with people cheering, laughing, and clapping as they play. Confession: We use this as often with friends as we do with clients. No fun-haters allowed!

In this workshop you will:

  • Ignite your creativity through play.
  • Learn how persistence works in collaborative settings, and how that’s different from independent persistence.
  • Take back an easy-to-replicate creativity exercise that you can use in meetings, brainstorms, and team building.

Rosie, Faris, and Ashley are the core team of the nomadic creative consultancy, Genius/Steals. While they’re rarely in the same location, together they work to help brands — from Coca Cola and Gibson Guitars to startups you haven’t yet heard of — solve problems, while becoming more creative.