Finding your voice - workshop

Finding your voice

Sarah Thurstan

Are you sufficiently clear when presenting? Do you need help with ‘Fighting The Fear’?

This workshop will give you helpful tips to improve your presentation, both in thought and feeling. We will work on how to engage and build rapport with your audience and ultimately how to retain your authenticity, be confident and be ‘at your best’.

Do you know how the world sees you? You cannot be a good communicator unless you are self-aware. Feedback from both the facilitator and the other delegates will help to build that self-awareness.

There will be exercises in posture and breathing for relaxation to relieve ‘The Fear’. The All important vocal exercises will serve to free the voice and allow you to be yourself.

In this workshop you will:

• Build confidence in presenting
• Understand why self disclosure and self awareness are essential
• Get an idea of how leaders present successfully
• Find your authenticity

“People trust natural people”

Sarah Thurstan has a background in theatre, TV and education and has worked globally with blue chip companies training in Personal Presence and Public Speaking to both the corporate and the academic world.
Sarah works on building confidence through the use of the voice, posture and self-awareness in a fun, risk-free environment. This empowers delegates to use their individuality whilst still remaining professional in any work or presentation situation. Sarah loves a room full of laughter so it’s essential to have fun while learning!