LEGO Playstarter

LEGO Playstarter

Donald Godsman, the LEGO® Group

With a company mission to “Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow”, the LEGO Group believes wholeheartedly that “play” should be part of everything we do.

Energise yourself and think about the endless ways you could use “play” in your own role with this hands-on, activity-based workshop. The workshop reflects on all five areas of development (cognitive, social, emotional, physical and creative).

You’ll watch a short video that showcases how the LEGO Playstarter programme engages its employees to become true ambassadors of play. You’ll take part in facilitated activities and building challenges to explore ways of learning through play.

After taking part in this LEGO Playstarter Workshop, we hope you’ll be inspired and confident to incorporate play into learning and development.

In this workshop you will:

  • Think about how you can connect your employees to your company values, making them feel motivated and proud to be part of your company.
  • Feel encouraged by the ideas in this workshop and reflect on about how you can bring concepts of “play” into your own role.
  • Experience the energising power that play can bring to learning and development sessions.
  • Understand how play can break down barriers, immerse learners and make learning memorable.
  • Explore how to tap into all five areas of development which you can then build on to inspire others to understand the value of play.

As a true believer in immersive, memorable learning, training at LEGO Customer Services has given Donald plenty of opportunities to explore playful learning. His three years at the LEGO Group builds on his previous role as a Training Consultant for Standard Life. He’s also an out and proud geek!