No Pressure - Workshop

No pressure

Sarah Weiler

We often believe that putting pressure on our employees is the key to better results, but what if the opposite was true?
In this workshop I will be modelling how people with no prior knowledge can achieve extraordinary results, through creating an atmosphere of play, encouragement and freedom to fail.

We will use the ukulele as a lens to understand more about ourselves as leaders and what may be holding us back. Through understanding how we best learn and are motivated, we will start to build a toolkit of human tools to take back to the workplace.

Usually our ability to be successful at something has nothing to do with our actual ability, rather it’s our perception of our ability and whether our working environment allows us to get things wrong. In this workshop I give people the rare opportunity to not have to be an expert, and in doing so they see how a relaxed and playful approach can produce great results.

During this workshop you will gain:

  • Greater awareness of what’s holding them back at work (common things that come up are: fear of getting things wrong, fear of looking stupid, not wanting to take up space)
  • Tangible leadership skills that they can take back to their team: encouragement, building empathy, leaving space to fail and make mistakes, having a clear end goal but not micro-managing the process
  • An opportunity to challenge the paradigm that in stressful situations with big deadlines we need to put the pressure ON, rather than take the pressure off. Offering an alternative that could have a transformational effect on team culture.

Sarah Weiler is a FaSILLYtator and Company Director of Power of Uke. Sarah has spent the last decade teaching, training and running workshops all over the world, first through Teach First and Teach for All, and then 4 years ago she set up her own company Power of Uke, helping professionals lift the lid of their limitations through creativity and play. Recently Sarah has become interested in the topic of quitting: She has delivered a TEDx called ‘Knowing When to Quit’ and created a model to help people navigate through the quitting process. Watch the TEDx talk here.