Paper, pens, phone

Paper, scissors, phone

Tea Uglow - Google

Exploring the space where technology, culture and philosophy meet paper and crayons.

In this interactive workshop Tea examines how we see the conceptual chasm between digital ideas and traditional practice. Tea uses some of the experiments from her Lab working with cultural practitioners: artists, museums, writers and film-makers to open up our minds to new ways of thinking about digital tech and creativity in the classroom and the workplace. All using the very non-digital medium of paper and pens and group work..

Participants should leave feeling confident about new ways to:

  • explain new technological ideas with human examples
  • teach creativity with technology at the core
  • lower barriers to cross-discipline thinking

Founder of Google’s Creative Lab, Tea is a writer and speaker on innovation, inclusion, arts & culture and digital futures.

Ms Tea Uglow appears by arrangement with Claxton Speakers International