The power of your groups

Unlock the power of your groups!

Dr Jamie Barker & Dr Matt Slater

Most people undervalue the key role that the groups they are part of (e.g., their work department or organisation) play in their leadership, ability to manage stress, and business performance. The purpose of our interactive workshop is to explore the impact that the groups you are part of have on your leadership, resilience, and your (and your teams’) business performance. We will help you to generate solutions to optimise your leadership, ability to manage stress, and business performance, as well as furnishing you with the tools to transform your team in these areas too.

We will draw on our extensive experience of working in elite sport, business, and military contexts to illustrate how to maximise the influence of groups.

In this workshop:

  • You will learn about how feeling a strong sense of connection with your department/ organisation underpins your leadership, ability to manage stress, and business performance.
  • You will creatively map your own group and support network to optimise your resilience and business performance.
  • Whether you are an executive board member, senior leader, or department team member, you will develop actions that will support you in unlocking the power of your team(s) back in your business.

Matt Slater (Staffordshire University) and Jamie Barker (Loughborough University) are Senior Lecturers in Sport and Exercise Psychology, internationally recognised researchers, and Chartered Psychologists. Matt and Jamie work with a range of international sports teams (e.g., at the Paralympic Games), and blue-chip organisations, helping them to unlock the power of their group.