Workplace stress

Spotlight on Mental Health in the Workplace

Sarah Golding & Roy White

Stress, Anxiety and Depression combined are now the leading causes of absence from the workplace and the numbers of people impacted continues to rise. Organisations are struggling to come to terms with how to support employees and, more importantly, how to reduce occurrences within their business. Sarah will talk about how her own experience of anxiety, the causes, the day to day living with the condition and the things that help her as well as the things that don’t.  Our aim will be to bring a difficult topic into the open and encourage a dialogue around how we can try to reduce both the stigma of mental health and the triggers that exist in the workplace and how to support those who find themselves struggling with mental health issues. We hope that by being open and frank we can work together to make it easier for people to openly discuss how they are feeling.

In this workshop we will:

  • Discuss the factors that contribute to poor mental health in the workplace.
  • Share best practices for a wide range of organisations.
  • Experience the benefits of an open, frank and honest dialogue around a difficult topic.


Sarah is Head of Account Management at Impact and has much experience managing the operational deployment and delivery of complex, global, multi-module programmes. She is adept at quickly understanding her client’s needs and objectives, is highly organised and practical, whilst really understanding the importance of good personal relationships within a project team. Sarah believes in managing programmes through collaboration, working as a trusted advisor and communicating effectively throughout the delivery of programmes under her management.

Roy is a Senior Consultant with Impact working with various global organisations to develop their leadership capability. Prior to joining Impact, Roy was Head of HR, Sony Europe and Head of HR Sony Corporation Consumer Group. He is Impact’s product lead in the area of Health & Wellbeing in the workplace.