Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable Innovation in Action

Richard Parker

If being sustainable means thriving and adapting to face new challenges, how can we be creative, take risks and implement new ways of working in order to disrupt our own organisations before they are disrupted by external forces?

Businesses face new expectations in the 21st century, global challenges that were once on the horizon are now within touching distance. External disruptors are complex and varied; climate change, degrading environments, social instability and digital disruption to name a few.

In this workshop we will look at the mindsets and behaviours that are needed to innovate when the future is unclear, problems are complex and organisational systems are stuck in old ways of doing things.

Join this interactive workshop to:

  • Explore what sustainable innovation means for you
  • Uncover key mindsets and behaviours
    • That support sustainable innovation
    • That limit our capacity to act
  • Discover some models of innovation and creativity and how to apply these in the real world

Richard is a consultant at Impact and is passionate about how we can use human growth and our collective brilliance to create a better world together.