The Future of Leadership - Workshop

The Future of Leadership


The way organisations traditionally approach leadership is no longer fit for purpose in today’s dynamic, globally connected and digitally transformed world. So what is the type of leadership we need for tomorrow?

Impact’s unique leadership proposition focuses on three core capacities that can be developed in anyone, at any level. Developing these capacities and learning to take the right kind of leadership action, wherever you are in an organisation, matters now more than ever.

Join an interactive workshop to explore how Impact are helping some of the world’s biggest and most demanding companies to develop the leadership they need, a core challenge for both L&D and executive teams.

In the workshop you will:

  • Learn how to build the capacity for leadership action, both personally and at all levels in your organisation.
  • Discover the future of leadership, where leaders are brave enough to lead when they don’t have the answers.
  • Explore some key leadership skills that mid to senior leaders need to survive or thrive in an uncertain world.

Impact are an independent, multi-award winning global creative change agency. We focus on transforming the impact of leadership action in organisations. Since 1980 our expertise has been rooted in designing customised people development solutions for organisations confronting a need to adapt, change and grow.