The 'XY' Factor

The ‘XY’ Factor – Human doing to human being

Tabitha Beaven

How do you ‘feel’ at work? Is it safe to feel at all? Do you ever talk about it?

Have we taken too many cues from the rise of tech and automation to the point we believe robotic behaviour and expression is our most effective way to communicate with each other? If emotional rigidity has become a workplace norm, hand on heart, is your organisation really a ‘Great Place to Work?’

Imagine a world where we feel comfortable to share and air normal human feelings and experiences? Individuals that embrace emotional agility create organisations where connection, collaboration, creativity, meaning and mental wealth thrive.

This workshop helps individuals and leaders experience the power and possibility when we choose to strip back workplace personas and embrace what it means to be human at work.

In this workshop you will:

  • Refresh of the impact of a ‘dehumanised’ workplace on performance, engagement and mental wellbeing
  • Explore and experience the difference between emotional rigidity and emotional agility – how they look and feel for you
  • Understand and practice how to develop a healthy, choiceful relationship with emotions at work
  • Share simple tools for leaders to create an emotionally agile culture

Tabitha, founder of Light Mind, is a people person. She helps individuals and organisations find moments of meaning, make new choices about how they feel and how they choose to interact with each other – creating ripples of a human revolution from human ‘doings’ to human ‘beings’.