Ecology of Purpose

Where on Earth are we going?

Richard Parker, Karen Jaques & Giles Hutchins

The purpose paradox

We all know a team purpose can be powerful. But how do they work when the future is very unclear and the problems we are facing are complex? Are they fit for the future and the macro context that is bigger than your team and your organisation?

Join us on a journey in nature to explore the role of purpose in uncertain times. This wild experience will allow you the opportunity to reconnect with the natural world and think about what your team purpose REALLY is in service of?

Nature gives us a sense of space both physically and psychologically. This space gives individuals a chance to slow down, take stock, clear their minds and allow for new ways of thinking to emerge. Nature is also inspirational – the size, power and beauty of nature helps people put things into perspective and focus on what matters.

In this workshop we will:

  • Cultivate the power of purpose for you and your team
  • Learn techniques to let go of many of your old ways of thinking about purpose and adopt new frames of reference
  • Find the right questions to take back to your teams to help to foster the collective intelligence to find potential ways forward
  • Explore approaches that may be more helpful than our traditional view of setting a top down rigid vision and chasing it

Please note that this is a 2 hour workshop (14:15-16:15), so participants of this workshop will not be able to attend the festival fringe activities taking place at 15:30-16:30.

Richard Parker is a consultant at Impact and is passionate about how we can use human growth and our collective brilliance to create a better world together. Karen Jaques is a senior consultant and executive coach at Impact. She is responsible for driving best practice across all of Impact’s development events and developing Impact’s proposition on leadership. Friend of Impact, Giles Hutchins has twenty years business experience, formerly as a management consultant for KPMG, more recently as Global Director of Sustainability for Atos International and co-founder of BCI: Biomimicry for Creative Innovation.