Terry Waite spent almost five years in strict solitary confinement as a hostage. For much of that time not only did he have no companionship but was without books or any communication with the outside world. As well as attempting to keep physically well, he also had to keep mentally and spiritually alive. It was in those years that he wrote his first book in his head, as he had no pencil or paper.

Terry will speak about his experience and the importance of language and music in preserving his mental and spiritual health.

A man of considerable physical and psychological stature, Terry Waite has travelled the world and negotiated successfully with some of its most vilified personalities. In each instance, he demonstrated the tough-mindedness, compassion and grace under fire that makes him one of the world’s most respected humanitarians.

Katherine Grainger is Britain’s most decorated female athlete with Olympic medals from 5 consecutive Olympic Games. Katherine took a two year break from rowing after London 2012, during which time she worked for the BBC as a sports co-presenter and pundit. She also spent time visiting schools and sports clubs promoting the Olympic legacy.

She was awarded an MBE in 2006, and a CBE for services to sport in 2012. Katherine also wrote her autobiography ‘Dreams Do Come True’ which was published in June 2013.

Richard Leider, founder of Inventure – The Purpose Company, is one of America’s preeminent executive-life coaches. He is ranked by Forbes as one of the “Top 5” most respected executive coaches, and by the Conference Board as a “legend in coaching.” Richard, known to his 1 million readers as "The Purpose Coach", is a bestselling author and international speaker who writes and speaks about living a purposeful life. His books include The Power of Purpose, Repacking Your Bags, Life Reimagined and Work Reimagined. Through his work, Richard has helped 100,000 leaders from over 100 organisations discover the power of their leadership purpose.

Richard will be speaking on...

How to Unlock Your Life Purpose?

What exactly is a purposeful life? It’s a life with the answer to the question: “Why do you get up in the morning?” Purpose is not just for a gifted few, but something each one of us is born with and can unlock. In this   session, Richard puts forth the fundamental questions about life that we all ask about one’s purpose and meaning in the world; questions such as: “How do I find work that I like or even love?” "What’s my calling?” “How can I make a difference in the world?”

We all, eventually, want answers to these questions. We’re often just not sure how to go about finding them or where or how to begin. This is where Richard promises to show us—how to find what we want to do now, at any age, and how to answer the “Why do I get up in the morning?” question. Over four decades, Richard’s extraordinary exploration of the power of purpose has taken him all over the world—and his studies about the fundamental importance of purpose has shed light for millions.

Deborah Frances-White is a stand-up comedian, screenwriter and corporate speaker. As a comedian, she has performed at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and has a monthly residency in London's West End. Her BBC Radio 4 series Deborah Frances-White Rolls the Dice won 2016 The Writers’ Guild Award for Best Radio Comedy. The Guilty Feminist, the podcast she hosts with comedian Sofie Hagen is currently in the Top Ten UK comedy podcasts in the iTunes charts.

Deborah is a regular speaker in the corporate world. She speaks about charisma and creativity and specialises in Diversity and Inclusion. Her clients include EY, PWC, Accenture, Barclays, JP Morgan, Learning Technologies and LinkedIn. In 2015 she delivered a TEDx Talk at Cambridge University about the thing that separates stage fright and charisma.

Deborah will be speaking on...

The Charisma Key

People with charisma aren't necessarily beautiful. They don't have a mystical power bestowed on a chosen few at birth. Charismatic people behave in a charismatic way. If you know what this behaviour looks like and understand how it works, you can learn to copy it, or, better still, to do something equivalent which will suit you and seem natural.

A powerful combination of acting technique, confidence building, body language and psychology, The Charisma Key is not about pretending to be something you're not; it's about being the best “you” possible, every time.

Thimon de Jong runs WHETSTON / strategic foresight, a think tank specialised in future human behaviour & business strategy. He has been working with organisations including Morgan Stanley, Vodafone, Tetra Pak and Ikea for over ten years and is an experienced speaker and leadership trainer.

Thimon is also a lecturer at the sociology department of Utrecht University where he teaches students how sociocultural trends can be practically applied to business strategy. He has a master’s degree in Cultural Studies and is a former insights & strategy director at TrendsActive, researcher at FreedomLab Future Studies and editor-in-chief of RELOAD Magazine.

Lucy Adams created The Disruptive HR Agency after having held senior level HR roles in a variety of sectors, most recently at the BBC. She grew frustrated with the lack of innovation and fresh thinking in the profession and wanted to find new ways of tackling old problems. She now runs the agency to help HR Directors and business leaders to do things differently.

Lucy will talk about some of the biggest challenges facing leaders and HR today:

  • How to manage, engage and develop people in the 21st century  
  • How to lead in a disrupted world
  • How to stay resilient

Giles Hutchins is a thought leader, author and adviser. He blends a wealth of leadership development, business strategy, operations and transformation experience with pioneering new thought on leading, sustaining and flourishing in volatile times. He draws on the logic of living systems to help our leadership and organisational development become ‘future-fit’.

Recently the Global Sustainability Director for Atos, and previously a management consultant with KPMG, he has helped transform a wide range of organisations (corporate, third sector, public sector and start-up). Giles is co-founder of BCI: Biomimicry for Creative Innovation and Lead Partner of The Natural Business Partnership. His latest book Future Fit is out now!

Giles will be speaking on...

The future of business: A Metamorphosis in our Midst

Globalisation, demand for business transparency, pressure on finite resources. Enter the age of uncertainty, ushering in new ways of operating and organising and heralding the distributed, networked, anti-fragile, flourishing firms of the future. This “new norm” goes beyond business resilience, defying orthodox organisational logic while demanding a radical transformation in our ways of doing and being in business and beyond. What do these changes mean for “us” – the people who lead and populate corporations? What are the new ways to lead, connect and collaborate and get things done? Explore the implications of a new intersection forming between business, societal and personal purpose, and how this is reshaping the workplace of the future.